Work on new specimen of work certificate is on

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy is currently working on the amendment to the regulation laying down the detailed content of work certificate. The change, effective of 1 January 2017, is to refer to the wording of the regulation and the specimen of work certificate, which is an annex to that regulation.

The changes to the regulation are aimed to order the rules of issuing work certificates and delivering them to the employee; a novelty here is the possibility to deliver the certificates in a different way than personally or by post, e.g. by courier or messenger. Another novelty is the introduction of copies of work certificates, which in some situations employers will be obliged to issue for their employees.

However, the main changes in the specimen of work certificate are connected with parental entitlements since as many as 3 new items are to be added in reference to them:
• paternity leave
• parental leave
• child care leave.
In each case it will be required to specify the amount of leave used and the share of it already used by the employee. In the case of parental and child care leave, it will be necessary to quote the legal basis for granting them, and in the case of the parental leave, additionally the share of the leave that was not used directly after the maternity leave (i.e. adjourned parental leave that can be used by the end of the calendar year in which the child becomes 6 years old). Nonetheless, the only leave that will be quoted in its full amount used during whole employment will be the child care leave, since both the paternity and parental leaves will need to be quoted only if the child’s age entitles the employee to use the leaves when working with another employer.