The Sejm passed amendments to the act on minimum wage

During the 22nd sitting that ended on 7 July the Sejm adopted a higher minimum hourly pay for commission contracts which will be uprated every year by the growth rate of the minimum wage. Theoretically, the Act introduces an hourly rate of 12 zł, but in fact the new pay may amount to nearly 13 zł since the government has already announced a rise in the minimum monthly salary up to 2,000 zł. The reason for the aforementioned changes is the fight with trash contracts and low income of people entering into them, which is especially expected to refer to security agencies and cleaning companies. The implementation of the said changes will be supervised by the National Labour Inspectorate which for that reason is given new rights and possibilities of fining entities that fail to pay their workers as much as they should.


The Act also introduces a change that refers to workers, according to which a night shift allowance is not taken into account when calculating the minimum wage. Such additional sums are regularly included in the minimum wage in the case of drivers, who are usually paid a flat rate for working at night. In practice it means that from January 2017 drivers’ remuneration will also go up, and transportation companies should change contracts with these employees by increasing their allowances which should total at least the minimum wage; otherwise employers will be forced to make adjustments in remuneration up to the minimum wage every month.