Ombudsman for Children applied for extending childcare leave

At present Article 188 of the Labour Code provides an employee bringing up at least one child under 14 with the right to take a childcare leave retaining the right to receive the remuneration. Since 2 January 2016 the leave has been 2 days or 16 hours. The manner of taking it is determined by the employee and the choice made is binding for a given calendar year. However, the length of the period is the same regardless of the number of children.


In the Ombudsman’s opinion, the number of children should be taken into account when specifying the period of childcare leave, since the more there are, the more issues parents have to deal with. On the basis of the foregoing, the Ombudsman for Children applied to the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy for taking legislative work aiming at diversifying the period of childcare leave depending on the number of children that one has. At the same time it was stressed that he had already put forward a proposal in that scope, in 2011 and 2013, and his stand was not supported by the contemporary Minister of Labour then.