We create systems that support all aspects of process management, resource management and work time in the organization. Our solutions have been chosen by leading companies from retail, industry and construction sectors. Our systems support the planning and management of more than 30 000 employees per month. Annually, we plan more than 50 million working hours. The main product is WTMS-ONE platform. It is a product platform that can be described as a Workforce Time Management System.

As part of the product platform we distinguish:


IWQ Forecaster

It helps in choosing staff for realizing business goals and point to areas with potential growth or lost operating and sales benefits.

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IWQ Autoplaner

Automatic creating of schedules on the basis of needs forecast, established business goal, availability of employees in accordance with the Labour Code.

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IWQ Mobi Planer

Mobi Planer organizes work and supports managing of work time of field employees.

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IWQ Shift Optimizer

It matches the length of shifts in a way that is optimal in terms of costs and it brings the greatest benefits to the company.

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IWQ Early Watch Agent

It monitors the work of users of the system in order to eliminate bad practices limiting the current control over the actual amount of overtime and other extras.

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IWQ BI Connector

BI Connector supports client’s reporting needs, standardizes information demand and helps with data exchange.

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IWQ ERP Connector

Synchronize data between ERP systems necessary in the process of calculating remuneration and working time management.

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Document management support system for the company, supporting the implementation of various activities, beginning with the registration of documents in electronic form or scanned paper documents, by their: classification, categorisation, versioning […]

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IWQ Planner

The tool makes it possible to plan schedules and to carry out analyses with the purpose of establishing the number of work hours necessary for meeting established business goals.

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IWQ Dynamic

IWQ Dynamic is a version of trusty planning and work time calculating WTMS-ONE IWQ Planner system adjusted to needs of small and medium enterprises (companies employing from 20 to 300 people).

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