Labour Law Codification Commission to Be Set up

Revolutionary changes in the labour law are planned as the codification commission consisting of experts in labour law is to draw up 2 new codes: the Labour Code and the Collective Labour Law Code. The commission is intended to work for 18 months. Therefore the drafts of new codes together with justifications should be ready in spring 2018. That means that they can be expected to be put into force in 2019.

The codification commission will consist of experts appointed by representative trade union organisations and employers’ associations that are members of the Social Dialogue Council and those appointed by the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy. Each of the collective trade union and employers’ organisations has the right to appoint one expert, and the minister appoints the number of experts equal to all experts appointed by trade unions and employers’ organizations.

The commission will work in two teams: one drafting the Labour Code, the other, the Collective Labour Law Code. Also, the representatives of legal practice and science invited by the commission chairman will be allowed to take part in the commission work.