About us

IntraworQ is an IT company that combines consulting and practical knowledge of software development. We specialize in managing working time and sales optimization. Our Clients are renowned international companies from many industries.

Our team consists of people who have practical knowledge together with professional specializations, and long term experience. We produce software which rationalizes the functioning of a business. We help our customers in the field of working time and workforce management. We grew up on the experience gained in the development and implementation of ERP, DMS and CRM systems.

Managing change is a big undertaking for any organization. We are distinguished by work ethic in business and long term introductory practice. We present to our customers a clear, broad picture of organization, its tasks and structure. We try to optimally match modular functionalities of WTMS ONE system, thanks to which we conform to client’s business. Thanks to advanced, specialized analytics, we expedite human resources management. We present a clear view on the process of time management in an enterprise.

We advise – show key points for increasing work efficiency, point at lost opportunities and possible savings. We help with facilitating the complicated processes of time management, and show how to effectively choose workforce for client’s business requirements.