Planning and managing work time in an enterprise is one of the most important processes taking place in a business. Areas such as: work time record, leaves record and time sheet, are unfortunately most frequently addressed as HR operations. With the current dynamics of development in enterprises, reaction to changes, such as trends in sales and production volume, points to these areas as essential in managing a modern enterprise.

The ABC of time management:

IntraworQ specializes in delivering IT tools to enterprises supporting, among others, work time management. Thanks to advanced analysis of processes, we facilitate HR management. Our solutions combine knowledge and practice in well-developed enterprise structures.

Time management is something more than everyday organization, it is an efficient method of realizing your goals. Time management is a fundamental action, which should be executed every day in your enterprise.

Budgeting process and describing invoices are fundamental actions taken every day in most of the enterprises worldwide. The same processes should take place as part of work time management, in stores, production lines, warehouses, call centers and in most places where costs are generated.


We help with facilitating processes such as planning and optimizing the staff on the basis of real needs, thanks to which the saved funds can be used for the development of the organization. We advise and signal lack of effectiveness, lost opportunities and grey areas.

Coherent and precise information about the enterprise

The WTMS-ONE system combines the whole IT section (i.e. information about available working hours, leaves, limitations resulting from Labor Code rules, etc.) with areas of business activity such as sales forecasting and statistics of people visiting sales network; in logistics the WTMS-ONE system helps receive the planned number of pallets and allocate them as packages in a warehouse.; the WTMS-ONE system also presents information about production plans, which are moved to employees possessing proper skills and permissions, thanks to which it is a cohesive source of information for people who deal with planning.

The most important sources of savings result from, among others:


We change the approach to staff management –  from a reactive model and analysis of past events to a proactive model, making it possible to react quickly to changing trends and to prevent negative phenomena (before they happen).

100% readiness to dynamically changing business environment.

Thanks to knowledge gathered from numerous sources, clear and user-friendly interface (also in mobile version), advanced analytics, sales curve, input-output analysis in sales networks, changes in production volumes (including the -what if analyses), system WTMS-ONE provides full comfort of work in an easily managed and predictable environment.

Most important functions and possibilities of the WTMS-ONE system

Making profit

Full picture of the functioning of an enterprise offered by WTMS-ONE is an ideal starting point for optimizing efficiency and identifying areas of potential growth  and expansion of the enterprise. Working on the basis of historical data collected in a data warehouses, transaction-oriented systems (POS), call centers, productivity indicator of employees, WTMS-ONE helps in choosing staff for realizing business goals and point to areas with potential growth or lost operating and sales benefits.

We account for more than 50 million work hours per year!

Our systems support work of more than 30 000 employees per month. We plan more than 50 million of work hours per year.

Key indicators confirming the increase of effectiveness:


The standards that were compiled and implemented in the WTMS-ONE system provide complete security and control of threats, both within the IT scope and business safety connected with launching a new tool in the organization.

Business security – also in case of changes in law regulations

In order to provide proper level of security for data processed in the system, WTMS-ONE is regularly audited, and high competences pf our provide continuity of work, during changes of law.

Security in the WTMS-ONE system

Models of cooperation

We offer cooperation with financing possible in many models, because dynamically changing business environment requires from us to constantly search for the best solutions for our clients. We support investment projects organized as part of EU help and we have financial background that makes it possible to purchase our products.  “Revenue Share”, based on common success,  is an innovative model of cooperation on the market.

Financing the implementation of WTMS-ONE

Guarantee of success – we earn for you.

We have developed optimal possibilities of launching WTMS-ONE in an enterprise for our clients, on every stage of development. Guarantee of effectiveness of our products makes it possible to use essential solutions without seed capital.