IWQ Dynamic


IWQ Dynamic is addressed to companies employing from 20 to 300 people.

IWQ Dynamic is a version of trusty planning and work time calculating WTMS-ONE IWQ Planner system adjusted to needs of small and medium enterprises.

Main benefits of implementing IWQ Dynamic. Access to the IWQ Dynamic system is offered in a subscription model, thanks to which we can provide:

IWQ Dynamic is installed in the cloud of IntraworQ. The service is provided in SaaS  architecture (Software as a Service).

Data flow, i.e. how IWQ Dynamic works

IWQ Dynamic works on input data: limits, shift definitions, HR data, and law regulations, which connected with the knowledge of people managing, form plan. The plan is versioned and modified in reference to current execution, in particular to dismissals, absences, leaves and time off in lieu. . Data from IWQ Dynamic system is exported to HR and payroll systems. Integration with external systems is defined and takes place through flat files or access to database views.


Key benefits of implementation of IWQ Dynamic system

Employment and work time optimization

The possibility of selecting optimal staff, taking into account competences and availability along with current information about the execution give a fast and precise outlook on the enterprise as well as the possibility to react to changes faster.

Vacation schedule

Planning leaves and vacations ahead of time allows for effective, long term management of employees. Annual plans of leaves of absence are versioned, and can be verified at any time with current execution and demand on the level of region or the whole organization.

Knowledge distribution

Whole knowledge and events connected with employees are gathered in one place, reducing the amount of information exchanged between HR departments and people in charge.

Business Intelligence

IWQ Dynamic helps analyze the conversion, effectiveness of staff, which combined with analysis of efficiency and forecasts gives user an insight and the possibility of in-depth analysis of their business.


IWQ Dynamic integrates with most of popular ERP systems, such as SAP, SAP ECC, Teta Constallation, Teta 2000, Macrologic Xpertis, Microsoft Dynamix AX, Simple.ERP, CDN Optima, Symfonia, or R2Płatnik.

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