IWQ Forecaster

forecaster_bigWTMS-ONE IWQ Forecaster makes it possible to forecast sales, and optimize staff on the basis of historical data, expert knowledge and an established business goal.

Data flow, i.e. how IWQ Forecaster works

Based on historicaldata, availability of staff, definitions of changes and established business goals, the module generates optimal size of staff in a demanded time-slice.


Additionally, apart from optimized staff, IWQ Forecaster enables analysis and modification of efficiency curves and distribution of sales forecast, as well as introducing special days, promotions, inventory and other events affecting the distribution of income. Forecasts are versioned, which makes it possible to compare results and analyze the influence of factors on the size of staff.

Forecaster also enables analysis of key factors – staff, client movement and sales.

  • Staff
  • Sales
  • Client movement

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