Electronic personal data

The Ministry of Development has proposed two important changes in keeping employee records: shortening the period of keeping the pay and HR documentation and the possibility of keeping personal data files in an electronic form.

Currently pay records need to be stored for 50 years for pension-related purposes, which is a very long time. Therefore, the Ministry of Development has proposed to shorten the period to 7-10 years, so that employers have necessary documents only in the period when any court trials over employment claims may take place. The change is to be connected with the change in the manner of issuing employment certificates, the wording of which would be extended. Additionally, employees would receive documents certifying the salary received in each year of employment together with the employment certificate in order to be able to prove their income when applying for pension and annuity benefits in the future.

The second change announced is to allow employers to keep personal data files only in an electronic form, but such an option would require from employers and employees to have qualified electronic signatures. By exception only employees who do not have such a signature would have a possibility of issuing documents through their employer’s IT system that would make it possible for them to produce such documents. It would be also possible to digitalize paper documents. In such a case e-statements of will would have the same legal force as written declarations.